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2021 is our 50th year anniversary since our very first event when we started way back in 1971, and not only that we are celebrating our win of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service that we received mid 2020, so 2021 is a big year for us. On top of that we have also had to battle with Covid-19, so for 2021, we are going bigger and better than ever before! One of our first ever events, 50 years ago, was our Floodlit Tattoo, and if you thought it was amazing before… you aren’t ready for 2021. We also plan on hosting a few more events throughout the year to help us celebrate this momentous year. But, unfortunately, there is a but. We are a voluntary organization and we operate on donations and funding, and the cost to put on our events often gets underappreciated. If you added up the cost to host all our events throughout the year, we could have a few Festivities branded Ferraris! So, to help us make this year the best one yet, and much bigger than before, we ask for a little contribution to help us. Anything is greatly appreciated! You may also see a few changes throughout the year to clean up a few areas that have been a bit dusty. Depending on the donations we receive, funding we are granted and our own finances, although it pains us to do it, we may also have to raise ticket prices one or two pound. However, it will be well worth the tiny price increase once you are sitting on St Cuthbert Street and 7pm rolls around, just wait and see. Oh, and compared to another tattoo you may have heard of, the one with the slightly larger castle in the background, our prices are still very cheap for the amazing atmosphere you are immersed within ;)


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Kirkcudbright Summer Festivities formed 50 years ago, 1971 with just 1 event. Now being a Queen's Award for Voluntary Service winner, a c...