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raised of £400 target from 36 people

Susannah Hodge is raising £400 for Friends of Deep Griha (UK)
Deep Griha Society is a charity which supports, provides services to and empowers people from slum communities around the city of Pune in India. They have huge range of programmes that encompass issues such as health, education and women's empowerment that have a life changing impact. You can find out more about them here: Deep Griha Society welcomes volunteers from all over the world to assist on their projects. Susannah, Greg and Katy have all spent time volunteering with Deep Griha over the years. We have all been involved in a wide range of Deep Griha's programmes - from running eye care camps and organising HIV/AIDS awareness and fundraising events to supporting child health checkups and teaching English to staff. During our time with Deep Griha we have all been witness to the huge impact their programmes have on the local communities which has been very inspirational. We've come away with a rich range of experiences and plenty of new skills which we all continue to use in our day to day jobs. We keep up to date with what is happening at Deep Griha and are passionate about continuing our support for the range of programmes that Deep Griha runs. So from the 25-29 April we're challenging ourselves to '5 days for 5 pounds'. Susannah and Greg will be participating from the UK whilst Katy will be joining in from Kampala, Uganda. The challenge is to spend just £1 per day on all our food and drink. And no, we can’t accept free meals or someone else buying us dinner. We will be sharing photos of our culinary creations as the week goes on, so do make sure you have liked our Facebook page: A huge thank you in advance for any donations you make and you can be sure that any contributions will be sent directly to Deep Griha to enable them to continue their work.


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Friends of Deep Griha (UK) creates awareness in the UK of Deep Griha Society in Pune, India and raises funds to support the work of Deep ...