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Cyclades Preservation Fund


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Please support the Ionian Environment Foundation (IEF), which launches later this year to protect, sustain and restore the natural beauty of our beloved islands!

The IEF will be up and running Autumn 2019, in the meantime, we are grateful to be raising money via our sister fund, the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF -

The IEF and the CPF are set up to support local environmental initiatives in Greece. They form part of a group of place-based environment foundations, based in Barbados, Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca, Aeolian Islands, Cyclades Islands, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Sri Lanka.

The key remit of the foundation is to pool funding from people and businesses who love the a particular area to distribute those funds to philanthropically to the best campaigns, projects and programmes across the following areas of interest:

Marine Protection
Waste management,
Land protection and biodiversity
Fresh water & local food production
Sustainable tourism
Renewable energy

The Ionian Islands and the Sea are facing a multitude of threats that can be scary! A massive growth in tourism over the years has increasing pressures on finite natural resources as well as delicate and ageing infrastructures. Whilst in the short term this has created a boost to the economy, it is unsustainable. Many of the islands are now faced with a breakdown in municipal waste collection and processing services causing local conflict, civil unrest and economic pressures, the threat of oil and gas drilling, and the depletion of marine ecosystems thanks to unregulated and illegal fishing. It’s not all doom and gloom – we’re pleased to say that it’s also promising that there appear to be some good groups on the ground already tackling these issues – some of whom are working on an entirely voluntary basis. The new fund aims to put a little rocket fuel behind their work, long term.

We have identified a strong pipeline of projects offering solutions to some of these problems, and hope to be in a position to make our first grants later in 2019. These include engagement with businesses for the adoption of proper (and sometimes innovative) waste management practices, a concerted effort to introduce and or improve marine protected areas in Corfu and Paxos, as well as the protection of ecosystems under threat from human activities (such as the case of Erimitis in NE Corfu).

Although these crystal clear waters at times look pristine, the truth is that their ecosystems and those that benefit from them are severely under threat from plastic pollution, industrial agricultural effluent, unregulated fish farms, illegal fishing, and much more. We’re so grateful to Albania Overboard for choosing us as one of their 2019 charities. We feel like this partnership is a perfect fit. We will be supporting the creation of well managed and effective MPAs around the islands, and other marine conservation measures, in order to ensure that this swim is as attractive and popular in 20 years, as it is today. Those of you experiencing the Ionian Sea will know, that it’s worth it. And to those of you supporting friends that are swimming – we thank you! Email for more information or to receive updates about the IEF.


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