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Self-analysis Incidents Marchtrenk 5 / elementary school Gym 8 / Edt I could hardly believe my eyes, my father went to my brother's room with a camera in hand. I closed the door and listened and couldn't believe my ears! He said the following: Pascal, we have to cover ourselves, otherwise our plan won't work. If you hear the blind in Dominic's room going downstairs, you go over to the bathroom, open the balcony door, take the camera and then you hold the camera in Dominic's room and film. I figured that wouldn't happen, slammed the door behind me and bolted it. First of all, I didn't know what he was going to film, and shortly thereafter there was a knock on my door. My sister said she wants to come into my room, strange. My uncle brought us candy just before the event! We both ate some! I then tried to fuck my sister which was not really possible. Then my mother knocked and called my sister. Now I knew why he said to my brother beforehand that he should film some event. I would never and never do that first, I heard my sister in my room even his footsteps on the balcony because you could hear the wood. SV Gartner Edit A group of jealous, envious creatures who have no self-worth managed to manipulate me during a pre-gymnastics so that I was diagnosed with a curvature of the spine at the age of 10/11 after a performance league game against LASK. Then I decided to give up this sport for safety reasons. 11 / BRG Dr Schauerstrasse Marion My best friend in my class happened to have a relationship with a girl that pretty much everyone stood, she had huge breasts, was intelligent and was 3rd grade above our class. They were together for two days, then the weekend came and I was really drunk for the first time. You and I were both sitting in a youth center where everyone met at the weekend and my best friend was not there. She looked at me briefly and kissed me, we left the room and smooched wildly. Later, of course, all my friends were really angry with me and treated me like the biggest asshole. We both Marion and I didn't really care. I had sex with her for the first time in my life. Afterwards I didn't really have feelings for you and now of course I know why I couldn't feel anything for you in the long term, because my best friend at the time was still with her when we kissed. And of course my best friend was subconsciously important to me because I spent a lot of time with him, and by the way, he became gay. My position in the whole school fell completely, of course, my friends hated me, and I broke up in front of all the other students and she had tears in her eyes and I wasn't really good telling her the truth that unfortunately I have no feelings at the moment for you and I'd rather be honest with you than lie to you for just one day. The whole clique even allowed themselves the fun to call my landline and sing me a song “Dominic you asshole! The guy who sang had to change schools, the idiot. I didn't really care what others thought of me, at the time I was the best soccer player in the whole high school and we played in the performance league against Ried and Linz, I had something with the prettiest girls and most of them knew that Are assholes. 12 / Schl8hof Wels Romana At a Hiphop concert by Texta A girl that fell in love with me, the prettiest girl back then. Started a relationship with me and shortly thereafter served me cold by calling me the evening after she broke up with me and moaned on the phone. Of course I made a mistake beforehand, at the party where you dumped me, the reason for the rejection was I'm not talking to your close friends! I saw a woman shortly afterwards and for some reason probably because I was drunk and at the time couldn't handle alcohol properly and was also manipulated, I went and stuck my tongue down her throat afterwards I saw a friend of my aunt who was me also stuck my tongue in the throat! Romana saw that of course or she was told that! , I then had a short relationship with this woman, which I dumped ice cold after I fucked her, probably only because I couldn't feel anything for her because Romana had broken my heart, and I was an asshole. 16 / Linz TC Painer Electronic After I was booked as a DJ and was on the weekend in Austria and rarely slept at home, my mother was worried and then you arranged for my father to track me down and drag me into a van by force, I called out loud for help and notified them Police that arrived, he made another allegation so that I got a report. I ended up in the psychiatric hospital in Linz for 3 months because of nothing. Not only did I lose time as a result, but it took months to stop taking the pills, the doctors gave me some kind of document, including lawyers, that I couldn't understand under enormous anesthesia. When I woke up the first day in the hospital, I found myself tied to the hospital bed with both hands! The rehabilitation to get off the medication and to process everything was an enormous effort to get back to the same level. The incompetent doctor said I have to take medication all my life. A complete misdiagnosis, which I saw through and stopped listening to any bullshit from incoherent medical professionals. Once again my father performed a breathtaking performance, I received sick pay for my stay that he had paid out and my account emptied over 3,500 euros. My mom finally gave me the money back when I wanted to buy my first Mac. There was also a savings account for all three children, 4,000 euros each, which my grandmother had saved that we should only get when we were 18. My father simply cleared all savings accounts. When I bought the house, my grandmother still had a savings account with over 150,000 schillings and she asked me if I agreed to use this money for the house. You would never have received the money without my consent. She said if I say no, that's a no. 16 / Linz Melanie I was a part-time DJ and worked full time in an electronics store. Again the prettiest woman who had the best charisma and could dance best. I knew you from several drum and bass events. And of course I spoke to you one evening and wanted to get to know you. She was gorgeous, better than anyone else, and nice, intelligent, light years ahead of me. I ended up in bed in your apartment, we talked for a long time, I fell in love immediately! We went to buy a dog together and then something strange happened out of the blue. She got off the tram and disappeared. At 20/21 I called you again, met you in a bar and I was still in love with you. I went for a walk with her, we talked briefly, I showed her my Jaguar and she said she doesn't want all of this, only years later do I understand what she meant by that, I was too selfish at the time my ego had not yet overcome. A shame in retrospect. I should have married the woman then. 19 / catfish Gerard - (Petermandl) Mc World My boss was on vacation, I was one of the best salespeople who achieved the highest sales in the company's history. On that day I found a hooker who was only there that day and I really wanted to fuck her no matter how, but my salary didn't come until the next day, my colleague Tanja borrowed something from the company's coffers every now and then, so I decided to pay 150 Take out euros and put them back the next day. My other colleague Bianca and the boss's wife lay in wait for me and called the police. I was smart enough to hide it quickly from the boss when I searched my belongings in the office. I didn't get a report. I was fired and of course I went to the whore in Laufhaus and it was a pleasure that I finally fucked for free. Anyway, it was just the time the first iPhone came out, I ordered one on eBay, it never arrived. Then for some reason I was of course emotionally weak and this group manipulated me to the point that it had serious consequences in hindsight. Out of the blue, someone planted the thought in my brain to get me 4-5 iPhones. Then to turn you into cash In retrospect, the fun should cost me a total of 15,000 euros! Which I then had to pay off! I went abroad and earned just over 15,000 euros in 3 months, had previously put a 360 on the highway after visiting a casino and was able to avert worse things due to my driving skills and paid the damage to my Jaguar over 2,500 euros in cash. I didn't pay this sum because I was manipulated and, secondly, consumer debts are statute-barred anyway. That led to the fact that I had to lease a car because the administrator in charge wanted me to move in my Jaguar. Because of 4 iPhones. I also know how to wage modern warfare against such wankers and eventually took the same amount and threw it out the window. 26 / Edt Brother died of bone cancer 30 / Parents divorced 32 / Penthouse Steinerkirchen I found a good job as a project manager at Doppler successfully built a new brand in the natural gas sector. My mother gave me 5000 euros to start my own household, that year I put an additional 4,000 euros aside and invested the majority in stocks and cryptocurrencies. Everything went pretty well until I had the capital over 25,000 euros and sold my positions to put them aside. Then my weird roommate got jealous of me and after I had paid him the rent for the next 3 months in advance, out of the blue I should move out with him now, without warning. Then in February March he invited a girl from Lovoo. She wasn't really attractive, anyway I only fucked whores who were 8/10, at least! In any case, someone put something in my drink and I had sex with her. I wouldn't touch a woman like that in a hundred years! 6 months later the cunt called, no, she is suddenly pregnant. My supposed roommate friend laughed at me like a sick psychopath! First of all, I would never fuck a woman like that. I sure fucked 5-6 supermodels that year. Second, such gross mistakes don't happen to me in life! Because he threw me out of his apartment and manipulated me, the climax followed! The drug he gave me worked even longer! I had to stay in hotels for a while, then I was at Mondsee and had a glass of water in my right hand. For some reason inexplicable to me, this glass shattered in my hand and my right index finger was injured so badly that I had to call an ambulance to the swimming lake! I was operated on for two hours and my finger was sewn back together. The paramedic said you don't go to the hospital because of something like that, just as the doctor didn't want to pull the strings on Sunday because she didn't feel like it! I had to go there on foot! When I finally made the decision to emigrate from the shitty country, I had to go back to Austria for a short time and it turned out that everyone was under the covers and nobody wanted or helped me! Of these 9 million inhabitants I never want to see a single person again, let alone never cross the state border to this country again! I will never speak or have contact with anyone from my past again. I will not reveal anything about my life to anyone in my family. When I've finally found a wife and have kids I'll probably have to lie to her face and tell her that my family was unfortunately killed in a tragic car accident and I've never really dealt with the rest of the family. I don't want to have a single guest on the guest list at any party or at my wedding with my wife who is actually resident in Austria. I will not send anybody photos of my children or visit or even invite you in Austria. If this country goes up in flames tomorrow with all of its inhabitants, I will take to the streets with a bottle of champagne and enjoy the moment! Main reason trigger Incapable father / who did nothing Jealous, envious parents including siblings! Relatives and friends and all of them tried to influence my consciousness, my subconscious or my present and future with some narratives and stories, tried to put obstacles in my way and ultimately not only blocked my future, used me and with the help of psychological violence abused me. In conclusion, close friends tried to hang a child on me and, worst of all, make me a cripple. My finger has a restricted performance of 30% according to the report. Brother who wasn't my brother / my trainer told me when I was 9. Environment was jealous, envious, incapable, stupid, hysterical, sneaky, wrong, loud, passive aggressive behavior, destructive communication since Marchtrenk, All the people around me were up to something. Verbal attacks, using typical methods such as making collective claims, speaking out loud, Summary: deliberate joint destruction of my life. Methods: In certain weak phases, manipulation in order to have control and to negatively influence my self-worth, my character. Solution: I should have just run away at home in Marchtrenk when I was 5, my mother stopped me in time. Advertisement: Pain claim Destruction of my whole life, if I had grown up in a different environment, I would have everything that a normal person has achieved by then. Regardless of whether I had become a soccer player or pursued another profession, I would have been successful. training job property capital own family children My reaction: I tried to make the best of it, withdrew from the age of 16 and concentrated on myself, from that point on I knew that all the people around me were wrong, I already knew after my return from Disneyland in 1998. I knew that there was no point just going to this deep level to do anything against it. Until I was 31, from the age of 18 I only preferred escort services and preferred whores to protect my character, my personality, myself in relation to women. I was successful in the private sector in every activity I started until I finally pulled the rip cord with my last position as a project manager including a certificate of service in order to completely turn away from this country in the future and moved to Paris. In the period from 2012-2018 I used the time to overcome my ego, founded a company, was number 1 in the dance charts, remixed Whitney Houston, Moby, Kosheen, etc. I published a book, now I work online as a teacher and pass on my knowledge, and make money. Educated me in the areas that interested me and just played along with the game. Now I just want more retribution and justice for what these individuals have done to me and want to see you behind bars and will file a claim for pain and suffering for it in court. The litigation result and the compensation for pain and suffering and the clear conscience that this person is staying behind bars is actually the only reparation and psychological satisfaction to finally close this chapter! At the moment I'm working as a babysitter to gain practical experience before I decide to have my own children. And now sleeping on the street since one year! My goal with this money is to go to a lawyer who is an expert in child abuse and put these persons in jail including all family members. I now that the costs are maybe above 20.000 euros but i will pursue this step. The names of the family members including Companies who were involved are: Kowarik, Gruber, Kreuzhuber, Schmidhuber, Gärtner, Doppler, Resch, Hipfl, Müller-Just, Ziegelbäck, Schmidtmayer, Zöchmeister, Kratky, Welkovic, Kirchmayr, Holzhey Doppler Gas GmbH, Gerard GmbH, Molto Luce Gmbh, Mc World Gmbh, Mc Shark, Griffner Haus GmbH, Resch&Frisch, Trodat GmbH These psychopaths live mostly in austria across upperaustria, vienna, graz were they have their friends. The most persons live in wels or thalheim. Three of the companies dont exist anymore and they are married and now have different names. Involved Police officers and fake red cross employes from the street including their network i cannot post for security reasons. And thank you for that! Since I was 5 I felt miserable emotionally, I stopped looking people in the eyes and stopped listening to protect myself. The past cannot be changed, that's why I want to show this gang real justice.


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