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Emilia De Luca is raising £130 for Student Christian Movement
Some of you may know that since the summer, I've been a trustee and on General Council (SCM's decision making body) for a small charity called Student Christian Movement. It's a wonderfully inclusive and supportive Christian charity (led by students, as all the trustees like myself are students/recent graduates) that works across Great Britain to support Christian students (regardless of denomination or views) and churches, and despite not having a local SCM group to attend, SCM feels like home to me. In 2019 Student Christian Movement turns 130 years old (we started in 1889), so we have launched the 130 challenge. I'm taking part in this, so me and 129 other people are all aiming to raise £130 each for SCM, totalling over £17,000, helping us to continue running some fantastic projects and have wonderful staff. Those that know me well and have seen me go on all my scouting adventures across the world in the last couple of years know that raising £130 is nothing to me really, but I'm still appreciate you helping me get there, and SCM will really appreciate it too! But rather than running stalls or bag packs or hosting parties like I've done in the past, I'm going to be running a 5k as a fundraiser! I have already registered for the Coventry Running Festival GoRun 5k race on March 24th, and am doing that on behalf of SCM. 5k isn't all that much, but as I've given up my main sport this year, fitting in a bit of training around university work will still be a challenge! So I'd hope you wouldn't mind sponsoring me (even just a little bit) to run this 5k. I'll be contributing money too of course.


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