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Helping migrant children with English language

Every year, Jacari volunteer tutors provide free, 1-1, in-home English-language lessons for migrant children across Oxford. These children, aged 6-16, speak English as an additional language (EAL), face multiple levels of challenge in everyday life, and are at risk of not achieving their full potential.

Since the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Jacari has worked quickly to adapt it's programme and offer continued educational and social support to its pupils through letter writing, online tutoring, and educational packets.

All donations will go to supporting this work and helping local kids during these incredibly difficult and isolating times--and beyond!


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Library Resource - £5.00

Help us keep our libraries of digital and hardcopy resources for tutors to use in their lessons well stocked.

1 Term of Tuition for 1 Child - £100.00

Just £100 covers all the costs that go into providing 1 term of free tuition for 1 Jacari pupil.

100 Volunteer Handbooks - £50.00

Volunteer Handbooks are an essential resource for our tutors and are given to them at the start of their tutoring journey.

Volunteer Training - £40.00

Each volunteer tutor is trained in teaching and safeguarding before beginning tutoring with us.

Family Extracurricular Event/Trip - £30.00

Trips/events for Jacari participants offer opportunities for further English practice & access to things families may not otherwise have.

Volunteer Enhanced DBS Check - £12.00

For safeguarding purposes, each of our volunteer tutors must successfully complete an Enhanced DBS Check before beginning tutoring with us.