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Support and prevent the exploitation of the vulnerable
Jeena are on a mission to challenge misinterpreted teachings of culture, traditions & religious ideologies. Our core aim is and will always be to support and prevent the exploitation of the vulnerable. Please support Jeena to achieve our mission. Your donations will make a huge difference: £210.00 - will fund a Jeena Refugee Box £220.00 - will fund a Jeena Baby Bag £250.00 - will fund a Jeena Suitcase £450.00 - will fund a Ugly Side of Beauty workshop £850.00 - will fund one Jeena School Champion to be trained £1,000.00- will fund one Jeena Community Champion to be trained If you are interested in volunteering for Jeena or would like to offer your support and professional services to help Jeena reach their mission please contact us: e: or t: 07958 603541

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