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Thokozani Makuwira is raising £2,179 for Friends of Education Africa
I am a needy student throughout my pursuit. This is my story since I started schooling todate. I Started my primary school at the age of 4. At the eighth grade (students write national exams for transition to secondary level), I lost my beloved mother. I repeated that 8th grade, the second chance lead me to be one of the five selected students to go to public boarding school in that year from that specific school. All long to this far being inspired by stories of two individuals. One being a certain successful market research consultant and the other one being a language teacher. January 2009, I started my secondary school academic journey. This was the time to realize that life is not as simple as others may think. Despite all challenges met on the pursuit, I was in among the best performing students in my class. This made me discover that I was a diamond in a coal mine, as such no need to quit but continue thinking big and sticking to the goals set. My final grade in the secondary level was the worst period I had in my secondary school pursuit. To others, that time could have been the best to quit. This is what happened. About 2 months prior to writing form 4 national examinations, I was chased home on financial grounds. By then, I had accumulated a school fees balance of $35. This was a huge amount with respect to my home income. I stayed home for 2 weeks, then I went back to school with a letter for consideration, as the time was approaching exams, but to no avail. I went back again for another 2 weeks. During this cumulative 4 consecutive week period, my father (a local tailor) was trying all means to source this amount. Following his failure to source that, I went back again with my grandmother for negotiations, and I was promised to access school services for a week only in wait for the fees. This was one and half weeks prior to commencement of the fearful unprepared national exams. From nowhere I received an amount of $13.35 from my physical science teacher (Vesta Ndau). This was a huge amount, she contributed a lot and she is remembered up-to-date. More thanks. Despite this contribution to the school account, I was chased again. The worst thing being, chasing me before ending the 1-week period. The school needed the whole amount to be squared. I returned back to school 3 days prior to the commencement of the nation examination with $18 in hand. Fortunately, I was allowed to sit for the exam, and from nowhere I made it with a very good grade that helped me to step in university corridors. I had that mindset to enjoy at university but that is not the case. As financial conditions have been all long challenging to the point of reserving a place in my final semester of the final year with an accumulated amount of $2684. At Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural resources (LUANAR) pursuing a degree of science in agricultural education. I am a man of dreams. Firstly, being a successful agricultural and business education consultant whom in among others will provide reliable and sustainable solutions to the economy through agriculture and education. The second and last dream is that of providing support to young people in education through charity works. This will be done by being involved in the charities, linking vulnerable students to potential well-wishers and facilitating all kinds of fundraising campaigns. All these dreams are in process to be achieved no need for waiting for tomorrow as I understand that no one is too small or poor to make a difference. Think big and stick to your goal”, takes me higher and higher.


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Friends of Education Africa was established in 2009 to support the advancement of education in South Africa, and to contribute to the all...