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Thank you for visiting my Givey page. I am thrilled and excited to be donating and dedicating 6 weeks of my time through October and November, to a small community in Kenya. This is where the Global Angels charity is changing the lives of families and small communities through a series of awesome programs - literally working from the ground up.

This is all happening very quickly - just a couple of weeks between being asked to support the cause and my flights out to Kenya !

So, thank you for your support and thank you for your kind donation to this. I hope to be able to cover the costs for flights, simple accommodation and basic expenses - this would mean that no existing contributions would be used for these, and would maintain the 100% promise. It would be amazing if after those were covered if we could also achieve a contribution to other areas in the project. We are looking to buy a low cost motorbike for local transportation of products and light materials, and also for a couple of computers for the local learning project which helps children to learn and utilise I.T.

I am leaving very soon - so if this feels right for you, please click on the donate button and your contribution will be transferred directly to the Global Angels charity.

The community of 100,000 people live in the Taru Desert, Kasigau Corridor which is nestled between the two Tsavo National Parks in the Tsavo Region of Kenya. This region has been trapped in a cycle of poverty over many generations.

Molly Bedingfield, the CEO of Global Angels, explains what she found when she arrived there...
“My life changed in a huge way when I visited Kenya in 2013… To be present when the local water holes dried up for the women in the Itinyi community, and to feel with them what it was like to have no water for drinking, washing, animals, household cleaning… no water for their children, and then to imagine walking 10-15 miles every day to get a small supply of water from other further away water holes…water shared with herds of cows… was deeply moving and motivating.

The aim here is to develop a highly impactful, holistic model of community transformation that can be replicated in other parts of Kenya, Africa and around the world - concentrating on four pillars of:- Water Health, Education and Empowerment.

Molly approached me only in late September and asked if I could help with a vital phase of the program - project managing the activities that are happening right now and training the local community.

This totally resonates with my own personal passion for empowering people with poor resources and helping businesses to become more conscious, of themselves, and the positive and negative impacts that they have on the world around them.
More will be explained as the journey develops.

Thank you again for your support.

With love, Alex.

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