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Help us bring back the joy of Cycling Without Age Rides!

Cycling Without Age Rides offer an outdoor, sociable, and joyful ride experience in a rickshaw bike to the elder community of York. The Rides have been proven to address isolation and improve elders' well being and quality of life. Community volunteers enjoy piloting the rickshaw and helping elders to spend more time out and about in the fresh air, to enjoy more social and community contact and more freedom!

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Before lockdown, we were offering over 20 Rides a month to elders in care homes around York. These stopped when homes closed their doors to visitors in March. The lockdown period has been difficult for homes - sadly half of Covid-19 deaths in York have been in care. One of our care home partners has said that they feel restarting the Rides will help improve residents' health and well being after the trials of the last few months.

The total cost of the 8 month restart project is £13,000, but every little will make a real difference - £15 will pay for a volunteer DBS check, £50 for monthly insurance, £100 for a new protective screen for the rickshaw bike, £120 for a month's storage and maintenance, £500 for a day's training for volunteers, and £1000 for a month's volunteer coordination and support costs.

The project will have a flexible start date up until April 2021, depending on when care homes open to visitors again. It will also have sustainability actions built in, so this funding will put us in an excellent position to continue the Rides indefinitely.

Thank you in advance for any support you are able to give. We will keep all donations until April 2021, If we are not able to restart Cycling Without Age Rides by then, we will return them to donors.

We are also looking for funding to cover York Bike Belles' core costs such as insurance, volunteer support and expenses for other activities, and fundraising time. Any donation you are able to give will help us sustain and grow our activities for the benefit of the residents of York into the future.

York Bike Belles is a charitable community organisation, incorporated as a not for profit Community Interest Company, Company Number 12470154. We work towards a vision of York as a healthy, green, and kind, city where everyone thrives, now and in a sustainable future.


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