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90% of donations go to large charities, just 6.6% of the market. Our mission is to change this!

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Givey is the platform to connect donors with the communities and causes they care about, especially locally.

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Smaller charities account for nearly 95% of the market, we strive to support these charities.

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122% of £5,000
£6,085.00 Raised
Rob's Norfolk Superhero Qua...
As many of you know I raise money for charity every other year by taking on some kind of physical challenge. This year I have been rather plagued ...

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116% of £4,000
£4,655.00 Raised
PaveAways #RunRideRow24
Every year we choose a charity that will receive the proceeds of our fundraising events. This year, we have chosen The Harry Johnson Trust due to t...

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