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Beyond donations, Givey is your community hub for change. Join us to unite, spark change, and address issues. With shared values and trust, we can achieve limitless good together. This is how Givey gives back to our UK community.


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So much heart here!!

There is a lot of love for Givey

It's been fantastic! They've helped us whenever we have an issue or technical query and advised us on how to improve our reach.
Will Golding
Bridgend Farmhouse
Second to none! When our charity chose to join the Givey platform we had no idea about the superb support we would receive.
Alan Mckechan
WOW Musical Theatre
Your number one go-to! Givey is levelling the playing field for nonprofit organisations like myself to be seen & is genuinely passionate about how they serve small charities and communities.
Laura H Brown
My Emotions Activity Book
It was particularly attractive that Givey does not levy fees on the charity...
Installation was user friendly, and interactions with your staff were courteous and helpful. So, a thumbs up from the charity end, and as a donor, I found the process simple and efficient.
Herefordshire Growing Point
Small UK Charity
Empower the Impact

Our Highest Ambition
is to support good causes

10% of £250Target
£25 Raised

5K A Day

Grantham Foodbank don’t think anyone in our community should have to face going hungry. That’s why they provide three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to then in crisis.

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20% of £5,000 Target
£995 Raised

Xmas Thankyou 2023

Raising funds to go into the staff wellness fund that the Charter Friends have set up. Your gift will be spent on things such as the Staff Christmas celebrations and special festive breakfasts as well as staff wellbeing events throughout the year.

Donate Now
19% of £500 Target
£95 Raised

Sarah's Big Chop

Sarah is 11 and since the age of 5 has loved the ocean and everything in them. Sarah has made the big decision to chop her waist length, beautiful blond hair and raise some vital funds for Bite-Back

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8% of £1,200 Target
£90 Raised

Santa Hamper Race

Santa Race to raise funds to help local needy people in financial hardship. They may have physical or learning difficulties or have suffered a recent trauma.

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4% of £1,000 Target
£40 Raised

Save Tavernspite

For over 30 years, offering fun, creative activities to promote learning and developing skills through play. However we need your help to keep our beloved playgroup.

Donate Now
64% of £250 Target
£160 Raised

Tina's Half Marathon

25th February 2024, taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon for mASCot, a local autism parent support group that has been invaluable to me over the years in terms of support and advice..

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions here

What is the onboarding tab and what do I use it for?

In your charity page settings, you will see a 'Onboarding' tab. This tab only needs to be used when your charity details need updating/editing. For example, charity commission number, trustee details, charity address etc.  To find the 'Onboarding' tab and understand what details you need to add for Stripe verification, please read this blog article: https://blog.givey.com/2023/03/02/protect-your-donations-how-to-update-your-charity-details-on-givey/ Any further questions please email support@givey.com and someone from our team will be able to help you.

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How do I set-up the transfer of donations to my charity's bank account?

All payments are handled by our payment provider, Stripe. The default payment schedule is weekly, on every Monday. However, if you wish to change this you can do so via the 'Settings' page. After navigating to the settings page for your charity, click on 'Bank Account' on the top toolbar. If you then scroll down this page you will see two dropdown menus, where you can change the payment schedule from daily, weekly and monthly as well as choosing the interval with which you will receive payments. After choosing your preferred schedule, remember to click 'Save Changes' and this will update your payment schedule.

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What are your charges/fees?

We charge 5% on top of the donation amount, e.g. a £10 donation would be £10.50 and if you add Gift Aid the charity will receive £12.50. 100% of every donation + 100% of Gift Aid will still go to the charity of your choice. We will not deduct the fee from the donation amount. Our 5% fee is to keep the Givey site running and to cover costs to our payment provider (Stripe). https://blog.givey.com/why-choose-givey/
There are NO fees/charges for charities to use the Givey platform or its digital resources.

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How do I sign up my charity on to Givey?

First you need to create a member/login account https://www.givey.com/signup, this is needed to manage your charity account. Once you have done this, you can register your charity on Givey. Please note: you must enter your Full Name, D.O.B. and Address in your profile settings to be the 'owner' of the charity account. Videos on our Youtube channel can guide you. https://www.youtube.com/giveytv

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