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Make a difference in the world as you go about your daily activities - Givey makes it simple, quick, and convenient to give back, allowing you to incorporate UK charitable giving into your daily activities. Join us, and begin giving right now!

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100% of your donations will go to your UK charity. This makes it possible to recognise the worth of your gift and contribute to a better future. 

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Our Highest Ambition
is to help people

15% of £3,575Target
£543 Raised

NAYO UK School

Fund-raising for the schools project at Nancholi Youth Organisation Blantyre, Malawi. Now supporting 25 students to complete their education.Every donation helps towards supplies, uniform, education etc.

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40% of £5,000 Target
£2000 Raised

DiscoverU Life Centre

Supporting adults with intellectual (autism, downes, LDD) and physical difficulties to gain skills that may lead to a paid job. Donations go towards a building to develop as a learning skills centre for the members.

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1% of £5,000 Target
£40 Raised

Holbeach runs the Big Half!

Team Holbeach will once again be taking to the streets of London on Sunday 3rd September, to raise essential funds for Holbeach Primary School.

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30% of £250 Target
£30 Raised

Reach Across for Charlene's 40th

In honour of reaching this milestone birthday, Charlene is raising donations for Reach Across charity supporting mental health in Scotland.

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10% of Target
£150 Raised

Dave & Max get hitched!

Dave & Maxine get hitched on the 1st September 2023! They kindly ask Wedding guests to donate to Max's Trust instead of giving presents, champagne etc.

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64% of £250 Target
£160 Raised

September Skipathon

Fundraising to raise vital donations for The Harry Johnson Trust, providing support to children with cancer who receive care from the oncology team at The Princess Royal Hospital in Shropshire.

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Know Givey

Solutions to help small charities in the UK

Givey is a specialised (fee-free) digital community platform that raises donations for small charities and local communities in the UK.
Givey exclusively helps small charities (commonly under £1M) and local (non-profit) groups enhance digital engagement, providing sources of truth and useful information in a world where going digital first is no longer an option. Together, we bridge the gap between the impact made today and its potential long-term impact.

Why Us?

The Givey Community

Not merely a platform for donations...Everyone is welcome to congregate in the Givey Community to lend a hand, spark change, and address issues. With our common community values, beliefs, and trust, there is no limit to what we may achieve together to promote good causes in the UK.

These are just a few ways that the Givey team gives back to our UK neighbourhood.


The Givey Community Podcast enables you to make the journey with us by telling us about your UK charity and how it actively works to make the world a better place.

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The Givey Blog offers a platform for you to connect with our UK readers. As a local guest blogger you can discuss your interests while introducing them to grassroots causes.

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To help your digital fundraising journey, the Givey team offers free social media collaborations, one-on-one zoom sessions, free QR codes, live events and much more for your UK Charity.

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Facebook Group

There is a private Facebook group for the Givey Community where you may communicate with other members, share resources, and offer and gain support from your peers to help your local cause.

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We Can Change The World

Small Charities
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For more than 5,000 local charities in the UK, we have so far raised £3.75 million from individual donations, and we are working to increase that amount.

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Voted joint-best by Charity Digital for money given to charities 4 years in the running.

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So much heart here!!

There is a lot of love for Givey

“It's been fantastic”

They've helped us whenever we have an issue or technical query and advised us on how to improve our reach.

Will Golding
Bridgend Farmhouse
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“Second to none”

When our charity chose to join the Givey platform we had no idea about the superb support we would receive.

Alan Mckechan
WOW Youth Theatre

“Your number one go-to”

Givey is levelling the playing field for nonprofit organisations like myself to be seen & is genuinely passionate about how they serve small charities and communities.

Laura H Brown
My Emotions Activity Book

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions here

What is the onboarding tab and what do I use it for?

In your charity page settings, you will see a 'Onboarding' tab. This tab only needs to be used when your charity details need updating/editing. For example, charity commission number, trustee details, charity address etc.  To find the 'Onboarding' tab and understand what details you need to add for Stripe verification, please read this blog article: Any further questions please email and someone from our team will be able to help you.

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How do I set-up the transfer of donations to my charity's bank account?

All payments are handled by our payment provider, Stripe. The default payment schedule is weekly, on every Monday. However, if you wish to change this you can do so via the 'Settings' page. After navigating to the settings page for your charity, click on 'Bank Account' on the top toolbar. If you then scroll down this page you will see two dropdown menus, where you can change the payment schedule from daily, weekly and monthly as well as choosing the interval with which you will receive payments. After choosing your preferred schedule, remember to click 'Save Changes' and this will update your payment schedule.

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What are your charges/fees?

We charge 5% on top of the donation amount, e.g. a £10 donation would be £10.50 and if you add Gift Aid the charity will receive £12.50. 100% of every donation + 100% of Gift Aid will still go to the charity of your choice. We will not deduct the fee from the donation amount. Our 5% fee is to keep the Givey site running and to cover costs to our payment provider (Stripe).
There are NO fees/charges for charities to use the Givey platform or its digital resources.

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How do I sign up my charity on to Givey?

First you need to create a member/login account, this is needed to manage your charity account. Once you have done this, you can register your charity on Givey. Please note: you must enter your Full Name, D.O.B. and Address in your profile settings to be the 'owner' of the charity account. Videos on our Youtube channel can guide you.

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