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Welcome to Givey's Guide to fundraising! Thanks for choosing us to help you make change and raise money for the causes you care about.

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Enhance your fundraising with content from the web!

Use Givey to fundraise for whatever you care about. Whether you want to raise awareness for a particular cause, contribute to the refurbishment of a community building or share an inspiring story, the causes you support will receve 100% of each donation.

In addition to creating a fundraising page you can also post a photo, video, blog, or even a song, to represent what you're raising money for. ‘Post‘ your web links from any of our integrated websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Vimeo and your page is created! Add a title, donate £1 (or more), and start sharing your page to inspire real change.

We'll show the total raised from each link you share on Givey.

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