About Givey

Our Values


Transparency runs throughout our business model, our data, and our values. If it’s not here and really clear, tell us.


We want to encourage our community to open up to the things that aren’t right in this world, the issues and topics that really matter.

Action and Response

We want to empower our Givey community to take action with an act of giving so that they can inspire others to take action too.

Social Communities

Make taking action part of your conversations, put your money where your mouth is and make meaningful statements - it’s our world for shaping.

Our Mission

Givey is the online donations platform serving the forgotten 95% of small charities, leveling the playing field and using the opportunity of mobile / social to reach new audiences. We highlight good news stories of people doing great work on the ground which is often £1 for £1 more effective and productive than large charities with huge overheads.