About Givey

Our Mission

Givey is the online, social donations platform that brings communities together to raise funds for the things and causes they care about through smart use of digital technologies.

We amplify good news stories and user generated content to cultivate a giving community.

We empower charities, not-for-profits, supporters and businesses to bring about change and make good things happen.

For our Donors and Charities

We have created a creative, speedy social tool that means you can plug in any link to a video, song, article or photo that’s moved you, or even an inspiring fundraiser video of your team, and directly connect that to a cause or charity of your choice with a donation.

For our Business Customers

Our employee engagement impact model

Ogilvy Labs – Givey vs legacy payroll giving solution

Overview of our service through a short video case study

London Midland – Instant employee matching & CSR

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Our Values


Transparency runs throughout our business model, our data, and our values. If it’s not here and really clear, tell us.


We want to encourage our community to open up to the things that aren’t right in this world, the issues and topics that really matter.

Action and Response

We want to empower our Givey community to take action with an act of giving so that they can inspire others to take action too.

Social Communities

Make taking action part of your conversations, put your money where your mouth is and make meaningful statements - it’s our world for shaping.