Givey' Mission

To keep developing our digital fundraising platform into a comprehensive one stop solution.
This is so that any stakeholder whether Charity staff, volunteer, fundraiser, trustee, supporter of any kind has a choice to give their money (donation), time or skills for maximum benefit to the good causes they believe and care for at the lowest cost possible, in a transparent and ethical manner for the good of grassroot local UK communities. 


Givey believes that kindfulness (mindful & kindness) by individuals has a multiplier effect in local UK communities.
We actively promote a combination of this for good causes and small UK charities.


Givey encourages our community to open up to the issues and topics that really matter.
Also, transparency runs throughout our business model, our data and our values. If it’s not here and really clear, tell us.


Givey are passionate about the power of giving to bring change for good.
Every individual has a voice to be heard, each person’s contribution matters in our team so we can learn and share knowledge by storytelling.


We want to empower the Givey community to take action with an act of giving so they can inspire others.
Make taking action part of your conversations -
It’s our world for shaping.

What we offer are

Solutions to Help Small Charities
and Local Communities in the UK

We have curated a digital service for you! Find the opportunity that kick starts your digital fundraising goals today!
Joining Givey provides many benefits for your fundraising journey. This includes building a sense of community to support your mission, and developing a range of digital resources such as videos, donation buttons, QR Codes, blog articles and more, all of which are crucial for your fundraising success in the Third Sector.

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Have your own digital pack of resources

The Givey team are on hand to work with you to create a range of media assets to support your UK charity.

Static and dynamic content editing

Various digital media can be used across our networks and your own as much, and as long as you need, compatible on social media, donation pages and charity websites.

What type of digital media?

We have a blog to share details about your cause, video publishing, social media promotion and donation buttons. All to share your story with the giving world!

How else do we support your charity?

The Givey team don't just stop at supporting your charity through digital media. We also offer a range of community support in the UK.

Sailing in the same boat as you!

Givey are run by a very small team and a bunch of volunteers so we understand the challenges that come from running a small organisation. That's why we run live events so we can support our community together. We have guest speakers, q&a's, webinars and much more!

Last but not least!

Our team are on hand for one-on-one zoom sessions to answer your questions or screenshare how to navigate and improve your charity donation page for an increase in donations! We also offer a fun fundraising quiz to receive a supportive report on how to improve your fundraising! 

"Givey is on a mission to give every individual the power to decide how to give their money, time and skills to shape the world of Giving & maximise the impact they make to small charities & local communities globally."

Neil Mehta CEO
I’m thrilled with our Givey account! It’s been so straight-forward to set-up and for folks to use. Thank you.
Norwich Buddist Centre
Small UK Charity was particularly attractive that Givey does not levy fees on the charity...  installation was user friendly, and interactions with your staff were courteous and helpful...I found the process simple and efficient.
Herefordshire Growing Point
Small UK Charity
We have found Givey so helpful and easy to use.
Friends of Hartford Manor
Small UK Charity
Always polite and helpful.
Small UK Charity

It's Time To Make

This World Better

We believe in a world without fees and charges for small charities and local communities in the UK, to support their good causes, that's why all of what we offer is FREE for charities and we do this out of the goodness of our own hearts and the passion for 'Kindfulness' to all grassroot level causes and the teams on the ground volunteering their time for making the world a better place.
So, join to our community today!

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