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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

john abbott is raising £100 for Love Support Unite
1st Foxton scouts took part in the "Down with devices" campaing in an effort to raise money for children in Malawi. The scouts were visited by Gemma Dixon who had visited Malawi with the Love Support Unite charity - she gave them an excellent presentation explaining the issues that affect children there including poverty, malaria and loss of family members through AIDs/HIV. £3 could buy a packet of seeds for a family to plant £5 could buy a set of textbooks £15 can fund permaculture training for one family £20 funds a mother and baby through a well being course £50 can buy furniture for one classroom of 70 students £70 can pay for nurse to attend an outreach clinic for one month £300 can fund an adult literacy class and trainer for a month £500 gives a family food security for life through teaching them to plant, harvest and sell their own crops


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