raised of £2,000 target from 30 people

Improving social inclusion and wellbeing in Mortlake.
Improving social inclusion and wellbeing in Mortlake.

Last year we had a successful fund-raising campaign which allowed the MCA to run a twice-weekly Community Hub (Soup Club). The success of this (72 sessions with 1,100 visits, all supported by 36 volunteers) has enabled us to secure additional funding from LBRUT to continue to run it during 2024.

Challenges for 2024.

Many of our other activities offer significant social and health benefits for our users. We believe it is vital that MCA continues to offer our community an opportunity to sing every week in our choir and keep fit by attending “gentle exercise” classes. Our Community Hub has brought more people to our doors but the cost of living coupled with social isolation is still a big factor for many of our users, which is why we are looking for funding for 2024 to help subsidise the costs of these activities and to potentially reduce the small charge we currently ask users to pay towards the cost of venue hire and tutors.

We would be extremely grateful if you could consider donating to our work this year, no matter how small. Your continued generosity will greatly help to us to tackle financial hardship and loneliness in our community.


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