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raised of £55,000 target from 56 people


As many of you who find this fundraiser know, the 216 Squadron Association is looking to erect a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum to remember all of those who served on 216 Squadron. It has been a long road, but we can see the end – 2nd April 2022 to be precise when, all being well, we will be unveiling our new memorial.

The memorial has been designed (Shhh! It’s a secret!), the application has been approved, the Association has charity status (Charity number: 1194436), and now we’re at the difficult bit – fundraising! As the target shows, we reckon we need to raise £55,000 in total to pay the fees we need to the Arboretum (this includes an ‘in perpetuity’ cost for the memorials insurance and maintenance), the ground works, the sculpture itself and a dedication ceremony.

As you may have seen from the Chairman’s correspondence, whilst we will be ramping up the sale of Squadron memorabilia, our primary fundraising will be through the sale of ‘shares’ in the memorial with various levels of ‘share ownership’ with each share costing £2.16. The 3 proposed levels of share ownership are as follows:

Bronze Level - 1 share (£2.16) = Shareholder’s name on a scroll to be placed in a ‘time capsule’ within the monument.

Silver Level - 50 shares (£108.00) = Shareholder’s name on a scroll (larger font) to be placed in a ‘time capsule’ within the monument plus a memorial gift (T-shirt or similar).

Gold Level - 100 shares (£216.00) = Shareholder’s name on a scroll (largest font) to be placed in a ‘time capsule’ within the monument plus receipt of a memorial gift created by the memorial’s sculptor.

This is a one-time deal! Once the time capsule is sealed with the share owners, that’s it, no second chances!

Please note: All charity giving websites charge fees, which are either up front or reduce the amount that the charity receives. This website charges 5% up front, so a £216 donation will cost you an extra £10.80. If you do not want to pay this please reduce your donation by £0.10 for each Bronze share, £5.14 for Silver or £10.29 for Gold.

Now of course, if you’d like to donate more than £216 for Gold Level share membership then please do, and if you want to do your own fundraising then even better! Be sure to link to this fundraiser and spread the word…


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