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Supporting Young People

The Bradby Club for Young People is nearly 100 years old!

Founded in 1919 with nearly a century of development, growth and service to the young people of Rugby, Bradby Club continues to strive and offer a safe environment to build skills, have new experiences and access opportunities that enable young people to grow.

This has not always been easy with every year a fight to secure vital funding to ensure the doors stay open and professionals remain in post to support young people through difficulties and issues that threaten their futures.

With our Centenary approaching we are ambitiously aiming to raise £200’000 by September 2019 as part of Bradby’s Centenary Appeal. £1000 for each year of our history, £1000 for each year of the next 100!

This Centenary Appeal aims to:
• Build a fund to sustain the crucial youth-worker posts we have
• Improve the clubhouse Kitchen, so important for healthy learning, for self-esteem and for community outreach
• Improve the ball-court to open up new opportunities for sport
• Improve the Gym and Boxing facilities; already so popular and important for the local community to access affordable exercise and sporting opportunities

Fundraising has already begun but we need your help if we are to reach our ambitious aim and continue to inspire, develop and support some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach young people.



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