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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Abdo Alii is raising £25,500 for Imagine Nation
Good evening Hello The association aims to create a campaign entitled Building 500 residential buildings qualified to accommodate homeless people Those who do not have places to live How should you help me to set up this campaign? It is to contribute to the building and construction equipment needed to build residential buildings for these homeless people Campaign details It is the undertaking to build these buildings with the details of the construction, for example, the construction equipment, reinforced iron, cement and sand for construction, which costs us a lot, and we must ask for help to complete that process and our campaign What happens when that campaign is stopped? Is to keep these people homeless, and their number is between 300 to 500 families homeless in the streets and more exposed to the dangers of the weather, which include high temperatures in summer and high cold in winter that leads to the establishment of seasonal diseases such as smallpox, skin rashes and osteoporosis You must stand with us to create this campaign, knowing that we carried with it all the proofs, competencies and guarantees that prove our charitable knowledge, and that I am a previous business in the previous month of Ramadan, which is to sponsor the breakfast of more than 1,000 families throughout the month, which cost us more than 30,000 thousand US dollars for all work. It is allocating construction, equipping the restaurant, announcing mobile breakfast campaigns, establishing breakfast places, as well as participating in ensuring the improvement of the living standard of the homeless person. She is with us. You must help us so that we can continue to help them. You must believe in us that we are a reliable association. Not like other fake groups that collect money and spend more than half of it for their personal greed and personal purposes and you leave them The team of the Special Association to take care of this campaign consists of more than 100 volunteers, distributed on specific tasks, including construction and assistance in the standard of living. Only in emergency matters The specific time planning for this campaign is not specified, as one of the priorities of that campaign is to send the idea and work to fulfill the reality by putting points on the letters and emphasizing the money sent to those people and also using it in the tasks specified for it.


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