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Sandi Eaton Richards is raising £5,000 for Global Harmony
I am raising money to build a recording studio in the most underdeveloped area of Accra, Ghana. There are musicians raring to go but with no facilities. With some facilities they can support themselves and their community and in turn donate to other causes. Sharing and pooling resources does not need to be taught in Ghana - it is part of life. So a small resource goes along way. We have a building. We have volunteers in Accra ready to work. We have a tecchie designing the sound room using recycled materials. We just need some materials to fit it out and to equip it. Whatever you can donate is wonderful. Money, time, equipment. Instruments, recording equipment, cables - anything really as we also have an ebay shop. Maybe have a fundraising event for us or donate a percentage of your e bay sales. Pass this link on to your friends. Thanks for you time and for reading.


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