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Nadia Hafedh is raising £100 for Amicus- Andrew Lee Jones Fund
Amicus is an amazing charity which helps people on death row in America get advocates fighting in their corner. They are providing a very important service as the system is very flawed and people who don't deserve to be on death row are there simply because they couldn't afford a good lawyer, it is a simple fact that people with good representation don't get the death penalty. An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind, help provide lawyers for those on death row Anything you donate would be greatly appreciated, Thanks in advance! :D "I spent 17 years, eight months and one day on death row. I was not saved by the system. I was saved in spite of the system." Juan Roberto Melendez, exoneree


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Amicus is a charity that works to draw attention to the iniquities of the death penalty: its mission is to promote the relief of sufferin...