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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Amy Shipley is raising £500 for BAD UK
In April 2022 I was diagnosed with Bile Acid Malabsorption Disease, after multiple misdiagnoses. BAM-D is one of the rarer Gastational diseases, with only 1-2% of the western population having being diagnosed as of late. BAM-D symptoms mirror that of other gasto diseases; but also include symptoms such as weight gain and malnutrition; both of which contribute to the difficulty of diagnosis. A SeHCAT scan, which is the only investigative work that can confirm BAM-D, is not available in most countries including the US, and is one of the final courses of action within the UK used when trying to diagnose a gestational problem. Due to the lack of information surrounding the BAM-D and the symptoms that dispute more common gestational diseases, a lot of sufferers are often dismissed and their symptoms not taken seriously. Due to lack of awareness, those experiencing these symptoms do not actually know of the disease and therefore do not know what signs to look for. Although a SeHCAT scan confirms diagnosis, it does not determine what may have caused it per individual; although it is known what CAN cause it. Those who suffer with BAM-D understand just how embarassing and degrading it can be, and can find it incredibly difficult opening up about how they’re feeling, further delaying treatment needed. BAM-D and the symptoms can severely impact quality of life; such as employment, social settings, and maintaining relationships. This can lead to complications such as Anxiety and Depression. More physical complications include gallbladder/pancreas/liver inflammation, blocked bile ducts, vitamin deficiency, limited kidney function, amongst others. This makes it so incredibly important for those suffering to begin treatment as soon as POSSIBLE. Unfortunately, for many, this just is not the case due to such lack of information, awareness, and knowledge of the disease; both publicly or within the professional field. There is currently no cure for BAM-D, but there is medications available to help manage the disease, decrease risk of complications & to ease symptoms, giving sufferers a better quality of life. It is an incredibly misunderstood disease and it is imperative that more research is completed, more resources become available to sufferers, and more awareness is made to those who may not of heard of BAM-D. This cannot be done without more funding, which is why I have decided to partner with BAD UK to try and raise money for those who have endured this horrible disease. I would appreciate it more than you know if you could donate. I will be beginning this on Monday 18th September and will be posting daily updates on Facebook, My goal is £500, please help me reach it! Thank you so much ❤️ Amy


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