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Andrew Hill is raising £500 for Teenage Cancer Trust
Before he died, Stephen Sutton MBE had set his heart on breaking the world record for the most number of tandem skydives in one day. Whilst he couldn't quite break the record, on July 10th 2015, the Teenage Cancer Trust, with the support of Stephen's family, are attempting to get 350 people to tandem skydive on the same day...and I'm one of them. About Me, and Why... Right now I'm a third year Civil Engineering student at Durham University, and I call Sheffield home. Everything is great with the student lifestyle, but that's not why I'm taking part... Two day before Christmas 2009, when I was 15, I was diagnosed with a terminal cancer of the lung at Sheffield Children's Hospital. It was there I began aggressive chemotherapy, but with all due respect to the place, I didn't really fit in amongst the 4 and 5 year olds. So, as soon as I turned 16 in January 2010 I moved up the road to the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit at Weston Park Hospital. It was there that I concluded my chemo, and first became involved with this amazing Charity. I went on to sit my GCSEs and undergo radiotherapy under the incredible care of the doctors, nurses and support staff of the Teenage Unit. Whilst the drugs were much more effective than anybody imagined they could be, and the doctors "fixed" me, it was the people from the Teenage Cancer Trust who healed me. The support I received in all aspects of my life at that time was incredible, from help revising for my German oral exam, to just being there to chat (in English), I'll never be able to say thank you enough...so I'm throwing myself out of a plane! (Sorry Mum) Here and Now... Right now my life is pretty damn good, great family, lovely girlfriend and occasionally hilarious housemates so I now I feel is the time to give a little back. I've just turned 21, and the date of the jump will be almost 5 years to the day since I finished treatment, marking a milestone that I never thought I'd see. It's thanks to the Teenage Cancer Trust that I'm here with a smile on my face. Thank you so much for having a look at this page and please, give generously. Just remember...I don't really like heights. For more info on what's going on visit the Teenage Cancer Trust Website, check out their givey.com page (below) or just ask me in person, or on Twitter at AndrewJ_Hill. The Boring Bit (but please read it!)...givey.com does not charge you, me, or the charity anything for using their services, so every penny you donate will go towards the cause and the cost of the jump will not come out of money donated.


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Each day in the UK, six teenagers are diagnosed with cancer. Teenage Cancer Trust is devoted to improving the lives of young people with ...