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raised of £2,000 target from 90 people

Andy Wiggans is raising £2,000 for DELTA - (Deaf Education Through Listening and Talking)
Being a pensioner has a lot going for it not least because you can just decide, on-the-spot, over a couple of pints with your best cycling mate, to ride from Land's End to John O'Groats. Just for fun! It will be fun, even when it is wet and windy. It's all in the mind really! We intend to complete the ride of about 900 miles over 11 days in early May. Despite the 'Wiggo' t-shirt, unlike Sir Bradley, I'm a 'Wiggans' not a 'Wiggins'. I don't think I'll be mistaken for Brad but I live in hope! Although this isn't an 'official' charity bike ride I want to raise money for a very small charity called DELTA along the way. Here's the reason why. My first grandchild - Hugo - was born 18 months ago with a very rare hearing impairment called bilateral microtia. Basically, he has no ears and thus no conventional means of hearing. This condition affects just 1 in 100,000 live births and there is no clear reason for its occurrence. Fortunately thanks to the wonders of modern technology (you can see this on his headband) Hugo can hear and he is busy chatting away in both French and English baby talk already. From the outset Hugo, and his parents, have enjoyed the most fantastic support from local professionals and from DELTA: Deaf Education through Listening and Talking (see This very small charity provides free, high quality advice, support and practical assistance to a wide range of children and their families. They reassured us all, from the outset, that Hugo would talk and grow up as a 'normal' child and for that we are all hugely thankful. So please sponsor me, and support the work of this fantastic charity DELTA. They really deserve it. 100% of your donation will go to the charity. Please consider Gift Aid if you are able.


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DELTA is a national charity supporting deaf children, their families and practitioners who wish to follow an auditory oral route. We bel...