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Welcome to Annie's Pet Sitting BIG Adventure - A Mums In Need (MIN) challenge to raise '£2024 in 2024' (#2024in2024) for their important work confronting coercive control.

Inspired by MINnie, my Mums In Need teddy mascot (she even sports a MIN-branded T-shirt), I decided that it was high time that she and I hit the road in search of some pet sitting adventures around the UK and the island of Ireland.

We've set ourselves the challenge of doing at least 24 pet sits by 31st December 2024. On our travels, we'll be featuring some of the amazing, unique pets that we look after, bringing you their stories, sharing their personalities and the general goings-on in their daily lives*.

These updates and accompanying pics will be posted straight from the pet sitting front line via Mums In Need's newsletter, keeping you abreast of the latest MINnie, Annie and co. adventures. We'll also always include the Givey fundraising page link too which we'd love you to share as often as you can!

Our aim is to raise roughly £100 per sit (OK, £84.33 for those mathematicians among you!) to stay on target.

- And here's what MIN could do with these donations:

- A donation of £5 could cover a day travel pass for a mum who needs to access our services.

- A donation of £10 a month could fund a social media campaign to reach out to more women who need us.

- A donation of £50 could fund a Min (our name for our clients) to attend a 1:1 counselling session.

- A donation of £100 could be spent towards supporting a Min through court proceedings.

- A donation of £150 could give a Min a month's worth of support via a Caseworker, who will provide regular contact, advice, and will give access to various wellbeing sessions.

- A donation of £300 would pay for 3 weeks' worth of wellbeing sessions for each of our Mins.

Never one to shun the limelight, I'm determined to maximise every single opportunity that comes my way to raise awareness of MIN's vital work supporting mums experiencing post-relationship emotional abuse. When not looking after my various pet charges, MINnie and I will team up en route with supporters and partners for some important awareness raising work, squeeze in some extra 'pet pats' (code for hanging out with other pets that we're not officially sitting for), show up for photo opps and interviews with the media and generally engage with all who're interested in MIN's work and, by association, Annie's Pet Sitting BIG Adventure.

I'll be posting our exploits online and sharing these via both mine and MIN's social media channels. If you'd like to receive these updates direct to your inbox, then please sign up for the MIN newsletter here: https://subscribepage.io/3w12f9 or check out our updates page (https://www.mumsinneed.com/get-involved/annies-pet-sitting-big-adventure/updates). We encourage you to join MINnie and I on our year(ish) long journey, taking MIN's mission to heart and doing everything you can to get word out about this unusual fundraiser and encouraging people to donate whatever they can afford (and I truly appreciate that these are hard times across the board with the ongoing cost-of-living crisis).

If you'd like to become a partner for Annie's Pet Sitting BIG Adventure, then please reach out directly to me (Annie) (annie.m [at] mumsinneed [dot] com) to have a chat about how this works in practice. We've got a Partnerships Brochure too: https://www.mumsinneed.com/get-involved/annies-pet-sitting-big-adventure/partners

*We will of course protect the pet owners' privacy, so pets will just be called by terms of endearment and any other identifying details will remain intentionally vague.

Want to get involved with MIN?

If you've been inspired by what MINnie and I are doing for MIN, then the time could be right for you to step forward and offer your time and enthusiasm. There truly is something available for everyone from volunteering, partnering with MIN or, like me (Annie), taking up the mantle of your own personal fundraising challenge (are you ready for the #2024in2024?). I'd urge you to discover how you can get involved today and then dive right on in! Email: enquiries@mumsinneed.com.



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