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Antonia Azocar- Nevin is raising £500 for Hexham Youth Initiative
Through Hexham Youth Initiative and the RANK foundation I have been working on trying to revamp the outdated skatepark in Hexham. At the start of lockdown I started rollerblading with friends that had already been using the park for years and until I started going myself I never realised the state in which the park was in. Since then I have gotten to know so many other people that use the park and now we have a skatepark committee! There are so many talented riders and newbies that would benefit immensely from this revamp and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure it happens. Skateparks bring all different year groups together whether that be an older skater giving a younger skater advice or just a cheer from your friends who know you've been trying to get that trick for hours. It's also a great place to just forget about everything else going on in the world and just solely concentrate on yourself, which is what we need sometimes. So, a long with some fellow skaters I will be doing a mud run to raise money for the REVAMP. There will hopefully be photographic and video evidence of me doing this so if you do choose to donate, I don't think you'll regret it! Anything will be appreciated even just a share!


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