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Due to the current economic situation in Sri Lanka, in an immediate response to the current severe shortage of essential medicines and medical equipment in several hospitals, The Association of Professional Sri Lankans in the UK (‘’APSL’’) has relaunched it’s Emergency Relief Fund (“ERF”) to provide urgent/critical medical supplies to these hospitals. We have been in direct contact with senior/operational medical staff at each of these hospitals, and from the funds we raise, equipment, medicines and other essential items will be supplied directly to such hospitals. All of our efforts through APSL (UK registered charity No: 1145786) will be by way of direct help to the end user hospitals and our aim is to help solve to some extent, the serious shortage of essential medical items in government hospitals in Sri Lanka. With your kind and generous donations, patients will be able to receive treatment without having to undergo unnecessary stress and trauma due to lack of medicines and equipment. As APSL is a UK registered Charity, and if you are a UK taxpayer, when making your donation, please select the GiftAid option, so that a further 25% of your donation will be paid to the good cause you contributed to, by HMRC/UK Government. Alternatively, if you run a business or are self-employed and a donation is made from your business to the APSL Charity, such payment can be claimed as a 100% reduction from your year-end corporation tax payment


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