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Aulia Ahmad is raising £85,000 for Surrey Heath Borough Council Mayor's Charity
Sorry for my broken english. My name Aan, im a worker with $500 salary/month on january 2022, my father diagnose with brain tumor, and on comatose from january 2022 to March 2022, miraculously my father awake from the comatose on April 2022. but the doctors said the tumor is on his brain stem, center of consciousness and cant be surgery (i think the hospital isnt good enough) we already have insurance but with all hospital in my country refuse to do surgery, so the insurance are not useful. i want take my father to Singapore or Penang, Malaysia, i heard from some friend that they had good hospital especially to cure tumor. due to my limitness financial, im trying to raise fund from this site. so please help me. i want my father still alive when his grandson born


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