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Hello generous friends and family,

On October 12th, we will be holding a cake sale in support of Saavan’s Trust and the ongoing good deed of building schools for the most vulnerable. Your generous donations big or small will be contributing to their next project, a school in a remote part of the world where education is hard to come by.


Saavan Mundae was an ambitious 18 year old student with a dream of becoming an airline pilot. This dream, however, was regrettably short lived when it was tragically taken away from him in a flight training catastrophe. Saavan’s Trust was set up to continue his legacy to build schools for children in less privileged parts of the world – a cause which was very close to Saavan’s heart.

In our first project we partnered with Actionaid to build a school in Barmurikona, a small rural village within the Assam region of India. The village needed a school as the nearest one was more than 5 miles away with little transportation and travelling meant crossing a large river and busy highway and so the young children had no alternatives. We removed the impediment and a school supporting 850 children was built with funds raised by Saavan’s Trust.

More recently, in Cambodia our school build was located in the Kampot province. Children who lived in Damnak Trach village were amongst the most vulnerable and at risk of failing to progress from primary to secondary education due to a lack of classrooms and school facilities in the area. Students who finished primary school needed to travel 15km to the nearest secondary school and walking there the children encountered a high risk of traffic accidents, harassment, or abuse. This project helped to combat those challenges and enabled children from three neighbouring villages to continue with their education.

We appreciate every contribution and 100% of every penny donated will go to building schools and the legacy that you bring to Saavan's Trust.

Thank you for your support.


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We lost our beloved son Saavan aged 18 very suddenly in 2017 and set up Saavan’s Trust to build schools in less privileged parts of the w...