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Felicity Bennee is raising £1,000 for The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Ltd
Some people we know and love have recently begun chemotherapy for late stage lung cancer. In solidarity, we thought that a good way to raise money to seek a cure for lung cancer would be to lose our hair alongside them. In a twist on the traditional fundraising approach, we would like to have a more competitive edge. So - every person who donates money gets to vote on who should be shaved bald - Alex or Fliss! Make your vote in the message box when you leave your donation When the fundraiser ends, whoever has the highest value of votes for them will be shaved. As an added bonus, the biggest single donator may, if they wish, come and do the shaving. We'll photograph and video the occasion for posterity. Don't forget to add gift aid if you can


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Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in men and women in the UK as much as breast, prostate and bowel put together. Th...