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Halting the promotion and glamorization of fur is just as critical as stopping murderous fur production itself. This is a crucial step towards increasing awareness of animal welfare issues and rejecting the fur industry's abusive and horrific practices. Animals raised and killed for their skin and fur live torturous lives for "fashion." Bred and born mainly on fur farms, creatures such as mink, foxes, chinchillas, and many many more species wallow in misery. They are packed into tight, restrictive, filthy cages. They are deprived of proper care and behavioral outlets – so long as their fur remains in good condition, there is no incentive for farmers to keep them healthy and happy when they are just going to be killed anyway. And the ways in which they are killed are horrific – in order to maintain their coats in the process, they are gassed or even electrocuted with implements placed in their mouths or anuses. So, please, eliminate all future content that promotes animal fur -- including in print, on websites, and on social media. This change will reach millions of readers. So, why Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs won't stand up for what is right, and what a growing number of young, fashion-interested people want? There is a strong precedent for the government speaking out against injustice and taking a stand to uplift the voices of the marginalized and disenfranchised. It has been a key voice of progessive politics in the past few years, promoting amazing educational content for young people. Now, our government (and Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, too) must continue on with the trend -- both within their own company and in the industry more broadly -- and ban the promotion of fur in all of magazines, sites etc. We, the administration of, think that the future of fashion is fur-free. Sign now to demand that our country stand with animals around the world and ban fur from publications!


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