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The Most Valuable And Best Vitamins D Supplement Hi everyone it's Dr sam robbins today I want to discuss two of the most valuable and potent vitamins that you should be taking daily together which can dramatically promote an improved immune system stronger bones muscles and joints increased energy levels a happier mood and well-being a stronger heart and vascular system healthy weight loss and appetite suppression, as well as proper blood clotting and proper blood flow and circulation in fact it has hundreds of clinical documentation showing how these two can help avoid many diseases cancers and even slow down the ageing process and these two vitamins when used together, are vitamins d3 and k2 which is what I want to discuss with you.   Today is a solution called best vitamin d supplement in the UK and know this is something my entire family uses because every blood test we've done we were either below normal or had lowered levels of these two vitamins they weren't in the optimal range and your goal is to be at the high normal range and that's where the magic happens and I'll tell you more about this in a minute and how over 90 percent of the population is actually deficient in these two vitamins they're not at the optimal levels however before I continue I want to first let you know that perfect vitamin d and k is so effective that it comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee fact it's so potent that if it doesn't help improve your vitamin d and k levels in just 30 days you get a full refund plus an additional hundred-pound cashback on top of it.   Let me repeat that one-year satisfaction guarantee results in only 30 days or you pay nothing get the full refund and receive an extra 100 cashback on top of it I know this might sound too good to be true especially since you may not know me however I've been online since 1996 and I can make such a powerful guarantee because I have years of proof that perfect vitamin d and k work clinical evidence and human studies backing everything up most importantly we have lots of positive reviews from users around the world including real before and after blood tests for additional proof now you can get all the details below if you're in a rush and excited to find out more however let me quickly continue with some of the benefits that you'll see and feel now I call it perfect vitamin drink for multiple reasons first of all because it contains the correct active forms patented d3 and a patented k2 mk7 a transversion.   Also, it's the most absorbable and bioavailable because it uses powdered microencapsulated for better absorbability and freshness much better than the oil versions it's also backed by science and validated utilizing the optimal dosage and ratio used in human clinical studies it's also vegan and plant-based 100 plant-based forms of k2 and d3 certified organic non-GMO and wild-harvested it's manufactured in us in an FDA approved facility perfect vitamin d k is one veggie pill you take daily with food in the morning it's 90 servings per bottle lasting up to three months so it's super easy convenient and a great value now I want to quickly share some important facts about both vitamin d and k so you can make an educated decision about your health and not get ripped off like many of us do especially myself for many years first vitamin d is technically not even a vitamin.   It's actually a hormone that's why it has so many powerful health benefits this is always why it declines as we age less absorbability less positive hormones because of ageing and this is what I noticed with so many of my clients including myself as well as my parents also the correct form to use is d3 not d or d2 now most of the vitamin d on the market listening carefully is in the oil-based caplet which I'm sure you know this is what I incorrectly used myself for many years however this is not the best form it's cheaper it's less bioavailable and it's derived from animal byproduct called sheep grease basically from bodily fluids secreted by sheep's gland and wool listen this is the most absorbable form is the microencapsulated powder form found in the perfect vitamin d k it's almost double the potency of the oil base and this is why results are so much better.   Now it does cost me a little bit more but it's well worth it plus you can take less so it's actually a better value now as awesome as vitamin d3 is you should never take it by itself because it causes calcium buildup in your arteries and veins now this can lead to a narrowing of the blood vessels decreasing blood flow and may lead to a heart attack or stroke however science has clearly shown that taking both vitamins d3 and k2 together helps fix this problem and this is because vitamin k2 actually takes the calcium out of the arteries and puts it in the bone where it belongs which brings me to vitamin k the correct and most potent form is the k2 or more specifically as trans mk7 now vitamin k1 and k2 as mk4, not mk7 are inferior less effective and cheap and now you know perfect vitamin d and k contains the patented meta q7 version which is the most potent proven and safest form backed by over 25 human clinical studies.   It's long-acting most bioavailable bioactive form of vitamin k and it's clinically proven to reduce calcification in the arteries increase bone strength and mass and improve vascular elasticity as age-related stiffness of the arteries now i've got more details about perfect vitamin d and k below this article look at the additional benefits view the ingredients and how they work check out the clinical studies and the scientific research as well as the positive reviews including the before and after blood tests for proof listen i want to be honest and fully transparent with you so you can make an educated decision about your health based on the facts not marketing hype or advertising lies listen i'm a doctor this is what i do all day long this is my passion all right this is what i wanted for myself and i'm sharing with you the same solution that my family my friends and private clients use remember again vitamin dnk comes with a one year guarantee and just to prove how great the product is how well it'll work for you and how much i believe in it if you don't get results in just 30 days you'll get a full refund plus an additional 100 cash back on top of it.   So scroll down and get perfect vitamin d and k a risk free try today and make sure you utilize this week's special discount offers please please please please make health a priority don't procrastinate you and i both know that the older we get the worse your health can get all right especially with the hormones this is why you need to get proactive and take action a day lastly do me a small favor and please share your positive results with me and let me know how much your vitamin d and k levels have improved when utilizing perfect vitamin d nk as always thanks for reading and have a happy and healthy day. 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