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Debra Pettitt is raising £500 for Bexley Voice for Special Needs Children
We are a group of Volunteer Parents/Carers of children with disabilities, special or additional needs who live in London Borough of Bexley, Kent. TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE We support parents and carers and act as a voice to ensure that the rights and needs of our children are met. We became a registered Charity in 2011. We provide many things including: - A helpful newsletter, an active Facebook group for members for peer to peer help and advice, and a website to keep parents up to date. - ‘Enlightenment’ drop in sessions to support parents face to face. - Workshops and briefings to inform and keep parents up to date with current issues. - A school visit programme – to bring information and support to parents and now staff at schools. - Focus Groups and opportunities to respond to proposals/changes/ideas, both locally and at national level. - Representation at strategic meetings and on working groups around services for SEND families in Bexley. We are a small, local, charity and need every penny we can get - so if you know us, please donate if you can.


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Our aims are to ensure the needs and rights of children with special needs and their families are taken into consideration throughout the...