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raised of £10,000 target from 35 people


We are raising the final funds for the volunteer training programme to complete the build of the Bridgend Eco-Bothy. This will create opportunities for many volunteers to learn natural sustainable building techniques, and work together to build this community bothy.

After four years of community consultation, design, planning, preparing, and volunteer training already, we now need to raise the final amount to complete the project. The funds raised here will go directly on the volunteer training programme which enables people who otherwise would be unable to access these training courses for free.

We have so far raised enough funds to cover all materials costs, and the training to date, but need £8000 to complete the project. The Eco-Bothy is a Straw-bale build, which used 160 bales from local straw. We are asking for people to 'Buy-a-Bale', with each bale costing £50. If 160 bales are bought for this amount we will raise all we need and can complete the project by March 2020 with a big celebration launch party. It will then be open to the public from April onwards. An additional £2000 would ensure we could also build a wheelchair accessible compost toilet in the barn area

The Eco-Bothy is the construction of a traditional hut (Bothy) and stage in the old barn and piggery at Bridgend Farmhouse, made solely from natural sustainable materials, and an accompanying inclusive nature-based sensory play area. The Eco-Bothy will be used primarily as a family and children's space, for community activities, with an emphasis on environmental and outdoor education, storytelling and arts performances, and educational family activity/youth work, and for groups using Craigmillar park and woodlands. It will create and offer different activities and experiences for people who otherwise would not get the chance. It would give new opportunities to children and young people in the area, and create family learning and social activities and opportunities.

The Eco-Bothy is being built by volunteer trainees who are learning traditional heritage skills during the process, including the opportunity to gain accredited qualifications. The volunteers are coming from a wide range of backgrounds and are building confidence, new skills, knowledge, friendships and greater awareness of sustainable practices.

Please help 'bale us out!' and raise the final funds needed to complete this innovative and exciting project at Bridgend Farmhouse.

Click here to watch a film about the Bridgend Bothy Build


Here are some quotes from some of the female volunteer participants who have already taken part in the training programme:

"Volunteering on the Bothy at Bridgend Farmhouse has taught me many new skills such as basic carpentry and straw bale construction, these new skills have helped my confidence soar. I now know that I can create/build anything if I really want to, which I wasn’t aware of  before the build. Working closely with other volunteers has helped me to be myself without worrying what people think and helped me tolerate difficult social situations."

"Being a part of the Bothy building team has been a great experience, unmatched to any other volunteering work I've done before. It is amazing to see something being created from scratch, especially if you participate in the process and when it's for a good cause. During the few months of my volunteering with the Bothy team I've learn many skills on woodwork and building construction in general. I can't look at the buildings around me in the same way - now I am really impressed by how much work it took to build them! The team here is amazing, always helpful and respectful. We've become a bit like a family. I wish there were more projects like this available for the communities".

"I am enjoying the Bothy Build so much, I am learning how to use diferents tools and the construction thecniques. It's a really good experience to build with all the volunteers helping and learning from each other."

"I enjoy working on the bothy because it helps me feel more confident learning and doing things of a practical nature that I am good at, and seeing the physical result of things I've worked on and had fun doing. I don't think I could have learnt these natural building techniques anywhere else; Bridgend has enabled me to learn and do the work in an equal opportunity environment and at no cost to me other than the time and energy I put in. Its hard work and fun too!"

"I’ve always been interested in building but I’ve never given it a try until now. Volunteering in the bothy it’s being a great experience for me! It allows me to use different tools, learn new skills... in a context where you can learn from your mistakes and do things at your pace."

There is a range of incentives for those wanting to donate and 'Buy a Bale'

£25 and up (buy a half-bale)

  • Your name on a commemorative plaque in the Bothy.
  • Eco-Bothy certificate
  • Invite to the launch party
  • £50 and up (buy a bale)

  • All of the above
  • Hand-made lino cut print of Bridgend by Farmhouse volunteers
  • £100 and up

  • All of the above
  • Duncan Roberts architectural timber-frame drawings and designs of the Bothy
  • £250 and up

  • All of the above
  • Free meal and talk about natural building techniques with sustainable build expert
  • £500 and up

  • All of the above
  • Free use of the Bothy on a weekend of your choice
  • £1000 and up

  • All of the above
  • Free Mosaic-making workshop with artists at Bridgend Farmhouse
  • Others TBC
  • Bridgend Farmhouse - Inspiring Growth from Community Land Scotland on Vimeo.

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