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Luke Smalley is raising £100 for Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK
Donate towards me to decide what/who youd like me to cosplay as for the entirety of RAG week, even DURING lectures! Some of the sponsorship money will go towards making/obtaining the costumes, but how much of that we use is entirely up to you! When donating, leave a comment stating what/who youd like me to dress as, as well as how much of your donation youre willing to put towards my costume. It could be all of it or it could be none of it. It all helps either way! Ill only be cosplaying as the overall highest donated suggestion however, so spend big (E.G. 1 person donated 50 for Ichigo but 4 people donated 20 for Naruto, so Id cosplay as Naruto!)! LIMITATIONS Ill cosplay as anything suggested, go nuts! Im willing to put 40-60 of my own money towards the outfit, although if it's someone I'd be comfortable cosplaying as at multiple cons in the future then I might be willing to throw in some extra for it, so make sure it's worth the money! ;) CHALLENGE While cosplaying Ill also be donating 20p of my own money whenever I break a certain rule. This rule is as follows: Gentleman Rules. I must not swear, fart in public, make an innuendo or tell a pun. I must drink with my pinky raised and I must refer to people by their last names at all times. All failures of these will incur the donation forfeit.


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The Bobby Moore Fund was set up in partnership with Cancer Research UK to raise money for bowel cancer research in memory of legendary fo...