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Dolores McGuckin is raising £150 for VISION4KIDS
This is a fundraising event for Christian children's charity vision4kids. Every single penny raised will go towards the vision4kids classroom build at their school, Blessed Hill Academy based in Kiambururu, Kenya. The first stage of the project resulted in a new classroom block of two new large classrooms. Since then the site has been redeveloped to include a large kitchen, toilet block, staff room, farming plots for vegetables, temporary tin classrooms, and security gates. At the beginning of 2020, Blessed Hill Academy (vision4kids school in Kiambururu), moved from its rented accommodation to the new site. Sadly, with the global Covid pandemic and local lockdowns, no further building work has been achieved. Funds and resources were diverted to focus on the safety and well-being of pupils and staff. This included food parcels during the darkest days of the pandemic and meeting government hygiene and cleaning standards before re-opening late in 2020. The focus has turned once again towards the building of a new classroom block to replace the temporary structures. The aim to construct a 2-floor block with a total of 4 new classrooms. Initial estimates suggest a total cost of £40,000 due to the extra costs in relation to foundations and the steel required for a two story structure. Don’t forget to gift aid your donation at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support to this very worthy cause.


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Vision4kids is a Christian centred Children’s charity based in Northern Ireland with a vision of helping Children and young people worldw...