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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Bashir Guli is raising £1,200 for Bromyard Christmas Lights
When it rains at night it is so sweet that each one is in bed trying to pull the covers all over the body, but street don't have what to cover them selves with ???but to let rain flow over them instead.☹️ i was a street kid but life is a terrible one at the street, Sickness attacks street kids and it's their bodies to fight sickness, weak bodies are defeated and innocent souls die because they can't access medication ?? Lack of food at the streets of Africa is usual though some families throw food in bins. Young children die of hunger and some eat the dirty food because they are forced to by hunger.. Donate to save lives The Pastor got me the streets and treated like a child, unfortunately he passed away and and life went back as it started, the pastor had collected some other little children which I knew my responsibility to take care of them not to all them go back on streets Now the orphanage cares for 21 children with a target of 1000 and over children. With your Donation lives are saved The orphanage lacks food to feed the children, ( $2 feeds a child a day) These little children need clothes, that would give respect to them ( each pair of a cloth is $1 ) shoes are needed for the children, your donation counts a lot with your Donation Food will be raised for the innocent children and medicine Images Make their Christmas different .. Make the unfortunate happy


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We are a team entirely made of volunteers who build and erect the Christmas lights in Bromyard, Herefordshire every year. The group has b...


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