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PETME is raising £144 for The Mayhew Animal Home
Hello dog lovers and everyone who cares! We are Petme, a London based fashion company, accessorising pet owners and their loved ones with hand made, on-trend matching pieces. At Petme 'love adoption' we are not only passionate about fashion, but also about creating awareness and trend of pet adoption, too. Let's do something amazing together and lets sponsor one of Mayhew's animal room. For one of our first love adoption project, we have decided to raise money to sponsor a dog room for a year at Mayhew. How do we help? From every website sale we are giving away a pound towards this project. How can You help? By giving any support by donating or sharing this link. Please help us providing animals with homely surroundings while waiting to find a perfect new home with a perfect new family. Lets become a dogs best friend today! PETME love adoption xx


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The Mayhew Animal Home has a vision of a world where all companion animals are wanted. We aim to set the standards in animal welfare. The...