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Philip Salmon is raising £250 for Macular Disease Society
OH NO! NOT ANOTHER ONE! Now I know how some people feel about the ice-bucket challenge (save-water-and-get-a-life-you-attention-seeking-saddo), however having been nominated...... Much money has been raised for MND (ALS), which I support. However, the i.b.c. is also to draw attention to lesser known causes, and I wish to raise money and awareness for The Macular Society. Macular degeneration attacks the retina and progressively blocks vision from the centre of the eye, leaving only peripheral vision, and eventual blindness. It usually affects the older population, but can begin at 35 y.o.a. The Macular Society gives support to those affected, campaigns for better services, and provides funding for research. Every 1 invested in fundraising generates 7.60 in funds. My lovely Mum and several friends are afflicted by this life-restricting condition. When the modest initial target of 250 is reached I will undertake the challenge. As an added incentive, and in the hope of attracting further donations after the act, I will undergo the i.b.c. in............a Borat-style MANKINI. Of course, the video will be posted, on facebook. Bryan Evans, who nominated me, and his wife Anne have both shown bravery and kindness in their own lives, and have supported me professionally with their wonderful company Diva Opera, allowing me to lose my dignity in a variety of singing roles over the years, and providing the required training for this ritual humiliation. Please support The Macular Society. You never know when you might need them.


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