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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Isolation, mourning, unemployment, inequality and uncertainty are among a host of other incredibly tangible reasons to seek mental health support during this difficult time. The economic impact of the crisis will take a toll on the lives of millions, but we must not forget the impact that this traumatic period will also have on mental health globally. While the pandemic has taken the humanity out of so many aspects of our daily lives, mental health charities can help lighten the emotional loads we carry with us. In the UK, there is not enough government support for mental health services, particularly for those that deal with more acute mental health issues. After eight months volunteering with The Listening Place, I’ve witnessed the transformative effect that active, non-judgmental listening can have on people, helping individuals envision a different future and life for themselves. The Listening Place provides face-to-face support for those who are suicidal or who feel life is no longer worth living. I know these are hard times financially, but if you can, please help this incredible charity support those who are suicidal in the UK, as the numbers are sure to increase, even as the curve flattens. Even during a time when political engagement feels fruitless, we still retain the power of community and the power to listen to each other in our darkest times.


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face-to-face support for those who feel life is no longer worth living