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This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

This fundraiser has ended and cannot be donated to

Help us protect the meadow from trampling
After much debate the CREOS committee are planning to build a path across the meadow in order to protect the grassland from trampling. Walkers are constantly seeking ways round the mud and some are pushing through shrubs and branches as they seek firmer ground, breaking branches as they go, and trampling vegetation underfoot. With global warming and increased rainfall things will only get worse.

We have met with The Conservation Volunteers to seek their advice. They were shocked at the degradation of the meadow and was firm in their advice that we need to build a path in order to protect it from further erosion and loss of biodiversity. TCV assured us that after six months our new path will have blended into the background as the adjacent grass recovers and be barely noticeable.  

We have agreed on a route curving slightly towards the bench. We are also proposing that the barest areas at both ends of the path be seeded with wildflower seeds, to take advantage of the lack of grass. 

We would suggest a start date around the end of March, as the work needs doing while the meadow is still wet and the flower seeds need to be sown in spring. We have also been offered a very generous contribution to this work, on condition that it is done soon.

Proposal and Costings

It is proposed that the path be constructed of hard core and hoggin with edges to be made of seasoned wood, 6x2. A slightly more expensive hoggin (Old English) has been chosen to provide a browner colour than the Cotswold hoggin used on the other paths.

The path is 40m long and will be built at 1.2m wide at a depth of 150mm. The budget is made up of the cost of materials (timber carcassing, pegs, MOT, hoggin, wildflower seeds, top soil), hire of machinery (compactor) and additional paid labourers.

UPDATE 21/04/22

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We have been on site most days getting as much done as possible. As with all big projects it has unfortunately again exceeded the quote. The reason for the increased costs is that we have done a lot more than originally planned. We have filled in an area of the old path with hoggin and now need more to complete everything along with further labour costs and hire of a compactor plate, therefore we have had to increase the target goal.



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