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Flora Palmeri is raising £500 for Medical Aid for Palestinians
People often ask us if we are doing this ride to raise money for charity, and the truth is that no, we are not. The idea came about as a bit of a joke between Flora and one of her brothers that the only real way to get Jacob to Italy would be to ride him. That then developed as we realized that actually making this journey could be a way to get to know ourselves, each other (Jacob included), and the countries we would be traversing on a granular level. It could be a spiritual journey as well, a pilgrimage along the ancient Via Francigena, extended to start from our English home, Rainow. While on this journey however, talking to new people every day about it, and sharing our experiences here on Instagram, we feel like we are missing an opportunity to draw attention to a cause we feel strongly about, that is Medical aid for Palestinians. The destruction the state of Israel is wreaking upon Palestine and the suffering it is inflicting upon its people are beyond words. Medical aid is badly needed as the violence continues. So please, if you would like to show your support for our journey and cannot do so like many are doing by helping us first hand, direct your support towards this charity. We would be very thankful for that.


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Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) is a UK charity that supports the health and medical needs of Palestinians and other vulnerable commun...