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George Bergel is raising £400 for SeeSaw ~ Grief support for the young in Oxfordshire
Hi everyone, Despite my firm belief that I am allergic to running my doctor has cleared me for action, and I am therefore running the Southampton half marathon on the 26th April 2015 in aid of SeeSaw. I've never raised money for charity before, and feel it's probably about time that changed, having watched many friends and colleagues step up. "Why a half marathon you big pansy?" I admit, it's not quite the Marathon des Sables (Dan Perkins) or cycling across an entire country (Ryan Kays et al) but it's better than nothing. I am aiming to run the London Marathon in 2016, as the ballot for 2015 is already full and SeeSaw don't have any direct places. Plus I need time to break in my feet/ankles/nipples after years of sitting in the pub eating hog lumps. Please PLEASE don't feel guilty if you don't want to give to this one, I understand completely, just seemed silly not to stick it up there. I'll be back cap in hand next year when (if?) I get in to the big one. "I've never heard of SeeSaw, is this some great con to help you buy a speedboat?" SeeSaw is a small charity in Oxfordshire that my Mum has worked with in conjunction with some of the primary school children she works with. The charity helps children and their families through major bereavements, particularly parents, both before and after a death in the family. Cath has seen the work they do first hand and recommended them to me, and as she lost her own mother as a primary school child herself it is something we both agree is an excellent cause. "Fair enough. Feel a bit guilty now about the speedboat comment." I've got a separate fundraising page for that. "Anything else I should know?" Oh yeah, please make sure you do the GIFT AID form, and rest assured that Givey has been chosen because, unlike Virgin and JustGiving etc, 100% of the money you donate ends up in the charities hands. If any of my particularly masochistic friends out there would like to make a larger donation or set a donation target with a challenge attached (run in Harry Potter fancy dress? Beer forfeits for every 'x' minutes it takes me over the winner?) please let me know... Thanks for reading, please donate if you want to, otherwise see you in the pub afterwards.


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SeeSaw helps children and their families both before and after a major bereavement, helping them to move forward and to face the future w...