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Jenny Gatward is raising £100 for Bumblebee Conservation Trust
Thanks for visiting my Bumblebee fundraising page. I am running the Bristol Half Marathon to raise money for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help increase the declining number of bees in the UK. I'll be covering myself in bee themed clothing and accessories to get in the spirit on the day, and for every 1 donated I will donate 30p too (so if 100 is donated, I'll chip in with 30 - Win!). Lets get those bee numbers increasing you BEE-autiful people by donating as much as you can. If you'd rather donate through justgiving.com, visit my bumblebee fundraising page there. For more information on Bumblebees and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust visit: http://bumblebeeconservation.org/ Bees out. X


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Sadly, the UK?s bumblebees are struggling to survive in a modern world of habitat loss and intensive agriculture. Of the 25 species nativ...