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Andrew Green is raising £500 for 1st Arundel (Earl of Arundel's Own) Scout Group
Let's just get this straight, I hate running. The only significant distance I've done in the past 50 years is my military fitness test and I haven't had to run that for the last 10 years. So why then have I volunteered to do the Arundel 10k run on 25th August 2014 to raise money for the 1st Arundel (Earl of Arundel's Own) Scout Group? The answer is stupidity vanity combined! I was 50 last year and getting too comfortable with my sedentary lifestyle and ever increasing waistline; a nice doctor told me that despite being healthy I had a touch of the Clarksons; I was starting to resemble a pickwickian character, if you will. So I've lost weight (nearly two and a half stones at the last count, I've stopped eating rubbish and I go to the gym. I'm now running 3 miles a day and thought I'd put my new found self-satisfaction to good use by raising money for a worthy cause. It makes me hate running just a tiny bit less. My aim is to raise as much money as possible for the 1st Arundel (Earl of Arundel's Own) Scout Group and to assist with all the great work the volunteers do to support the children in becoming better citizens. Thank you for your support.


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