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In 2019 Jordan Wylie embarked on a crazy paddle around Great Britain to raise funds to build a school in one of the most remote, poverty stricken areas of the world - the Afar Desert in Djibouti - the hottest country on earth. In 2021 Jordan succeeded and the school in As Eyla was built, and for the first time ever in Djibouti, children aged 4 to 6 could go to school. In November 2022, having followed and supported Jordan's journey for 2 years, I was fortunate enough to visit this remarkable school. Emotional doesn't begin to explain the experience. These beautiful children live in conditions and levels of poverty that many of us can thankfully not even imagine, it has one of the worst infant mortality rates in the world and lowest life expectancy. We know education is the only way out of poverty and so for this country where fewer than 30% of children can access any education - doing more was a no brainer. I have pledged to increase the school and to provide technology for the first time. Having to turn children away at the gates because there is no room means some children will never ever have an opportunity to learn and to support their country to a better future. You can change that - every penny will make a difference. I will continue to visit the school and aim to improve education in whatever way I can in this beautiful country and also share awareness and education to our own children. Thank you for visiting this page and for bringing hope. Amy


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