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Charlotte Challender is raising £200 for Diabetes UK
Ok, so after being put under much duress and guilt from my signed up best friendlings and a moment of madness it has been decided that on the 16th of this very month (yes it's August already folks) Charlotte is going to RUN. Yup you heard it right. Imagine Phoebe from friends running through the park, now imagine a girl 10 times more spazzy attempting to run 5k through colourful paint being pelted at her every 1 kilometre. It's gonna get messy. And I'm not just talking about the paint pelting. My heart may explode, my lungs may collapse and my feet are almost certainly gonna drop off. (Me? Melodramatic?..) I have the coordination of a drunk one eyed one flippered fish on dry land. I have the fitness of an 80 year old (a fit one though honest) but what will I bring to the table to make you sponsor me? Will power! And comical photos of limbs flailing. Oh yeah I have a reason/agenda too! I'm going to be running for Diabetes UK which when I say is very close to my heart is quite literally true. Why? Because I HAVE TYPE 1 DIABETES! No, I'm not fat, no I'm not (too) unfit or old, and no I didn't get it from eating too many sweets! There's a lot of common misconceptions about diabetes especially type 1 which isn't as well known as the more common type 2... So yeah in a tiny nutshell there's two different types people; I'm part of the unfortunate lot who just wake up one day with it (and generally pretty early on in life) like BOOM here you go you need insulin now.. My pancreas basically decided to go 'nahhhhhh I can't be bothered anymore' one day. It's not great no and you can dwell on the whole why meee for any sort of disease/illness such as this but with today's help and advancements in medicine it's a perfectly manageable thanng and to be honest I live a perfectly normal positive lifestyle and don't have to dwell on it too much thanks to the lovely medical profession and all that jazz. You ask any of my family and friends how much I still enjoy a good tipple or a big slabb of choccy. Only difference is you might have to occasionally watch me 'shoot up' for carby things - I hope you don't mind neeeeedlesssssss mwhahahahaa :p Anyway in summary, I'd like to help a charity that is pretty damn relevant in a world where rates of diabetes are climbing higher still to no avail. A charity that not only helps the person but their family with support and understanding and helps put the correct information out there about this currently incurable 'disease' (I hate that word). They are also striving to find a cure for this seemingly incurable bugger so that all us type 1's and 2's alike can go 'Yeyyyyy chocolate cake!' without worry. But they need continuous funding for their research. Help my quest for guilt free chocolate cake and I will bake you my amazing chocolate coca cola cake? (I'm a badd contradictory diabetic :p). Thank you in advance for reading my late night waffle. I'll train hard (she says with a crabbies ginger beer in hand) but really, I will try my hardest over the next few weeks and do you all proud honest :) Or give you a stitch from laughing in revenge for my actual stitch at least... Thank you even more if you do decide to donate, whether in person or anon, I will love you all forever. Oh and put your orders in for cake x


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