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Divine Love Association is raising £270,000 for Future Faces
CHANGES ONE LIFE TODAY Working with in a third world country will change your life. You will gain new perspectives that will permeate your everyday thinking. As you touch the lives of some of the most impoverished people in the world, and give of yourself to those who could never repay you, you will experience one of the best feelings in life...and be building treasure in heaven. Here you can find out more about the work we do and about how you can get involved in making a difference to the lives of adults and children in impoverished regions of Africa. LIFE FOR A CHILD THAT HE OR SHE NEED Hungry and destitute, the needy children are many. It's hard to imagine how these precious children can live in such poverty until you've seen it in person. These are real children dying from hunger and disease, struggling with needs as basic as; food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and education Like every human being, they need an opportunity to feel loved and cared for. Children live in garbage dumps and walk barefoot as they forage for food among the rubbish in city dumps. They look for something to eat or that might be of some value. Other children live in small impoverish communities and do not even have the opportunity to forage for food, but simply go hungry. Their stories vary, but their faces are the same. They are the faces of precious children with no hope of escaping the fate that awaits them. They are unable to rise above their circumstances, trapped by a lack of education or skill. They only know one life, and without a helping hand, these children are destined to repeat the cycle of poverty in which they are being raised. SUPPORTING OUR MISSION DIVINE LOVE ASSOCIATION makes every contribution count - your tax deductible donation will better the future for many lives. programs is obtained through private and corporate donations Contributions go towards: - Stethoscopes - Educational Books - Clothing - Medical Vaccines Contributions go towards: - Diagnostic Equipment - Shoes - Home Furniture -Construction Materials Contributions go towards: - Orphan Housing - Ultrasound Equipment - Dictionaries, Pencils and more - Food Assistance WHERE DOES YOUR MONEY GO? We want to ensure that the work we do is making a sustainable difference in the communities in which we work. We are proud of the fact that 87% of our income goes directly to the communities we work with leaving 9% for sustainability costs and 4% for our governance and banking costs. OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHILD PROTECTION Making sure that children in our care are safeguarded is not only the right thing to do, but is the most important thing to do as a responsible organization. The Divine Love Association commits to making sure that all our projects are child safe and to make sure that all our staff, volunteers and partners equally engage with our communities with the protection, care and respect due to the children we work with. Let your voice be heard on a range of issues affecting African communities and wildlife. Together we can make a difference in African BRING HOPE TO CHILDREN YOUR DONATION TO OUT ACCOUNT BELOW BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION BANK NAME: UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA ACCOUNT NAME: DIVINE LOVE ASSOCIATION IBAN CODE: CM211003305205053100003921 SWIFT CODE: UNAFCMCX BANK ADDRESS: PO BOX 2088 DOUALA-CAMEROON Perhaps you are the right person to change a child life so we invite you with arms open wide. If you cannot come personally, would you consider sending someone or sending support? Their lives can be changed. We can make a difference. Won't you join us? Who We Are Together our members, with their partners on the ground in Africa, touch almost every aspect of the African community. Whether they are collecting and distributing books to school children, introducing medical strategies to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, or identifying and supporting women’s micro-enterprise projects, divine love association members have one thing in common—a passionate desire to help the people of Africa solve critical problems and build a better future for their children and communities I will say you can see all this kids in the photos need you all of them need you there need your help in their life to be a good person is not by your self is for you to show that goodness in you out to this kids what will be good for you to see a child like this and you do not help mean you have not done any good to yourself God say we help those who do not have and out payment will come from heaven. So please people this kids need you please the only way we can get your DONATION is only by you sending the money to our giving bank account that you can see up this message we will be very happy if you can send email to us after your DONATION you can see out email below the message down okay we know the are good people out there to help because we do have much projects here to work on so we need your DONATION. Your donation will help empower girls and women working to transform their communities. Here are some examples of what your gift makes possible, With your help, thousands more lives will be touched. Your donation will provide $100 provides three meals a day for two months for a student. $250 provides science educational materials for a community school for one year. $500 supports radio training programs targeted at local farmers for six months. $2000 supports a university student for one year. $4500 supports staff salaries at the Institute for three months $30 provides an orphan with a nutritious school lunch and food for her extended family for 30 days; $45 per month furnishes a child with shelter, clean water, medical care and education for 30 days; $500 will shelter a girl fleeing female circumcision and help send her to the safety of a boarding school and the education she needs to lead a better life; $1000 will provide a one-year science scholarship for orphan girls with a high aptitude for math and science. $200 school supplies for a student for a year. $300 a bicycle for transportation. $450 support for a girl for six months in our career guidance and life skills mentoring program. $500 school tuition and supplies for a year. $3,000 full support for a student a year, including school tuition, supplies, and mentoring. $80 a month provides for one child’s educational, nutritional and health needs. $6000 provides training and capital to help a family run a business and develop economic self-sufficiency. $23000 will provide the supplies needed for 350 children to attend weekend youth activities and value-formation programs aimed at HIV/AIDS prevention. $30,000 buys medicine and supplies for a medical clinic that can serve up to 1500 people. $26,000 will provide a deep village well, with a pump and reservoir tanks, ensuring a clean drinking water supply for more than 20,000 people. $50,000 helps establish a vocational training center that will provide youth with the skills they need for meaningful employment. $400 one month of training for a medical doctor in family medicine $80,000 construction of a safe house and training center for women. $25 one mosquito net to prevent malaria and follow-up medical supervision. $300 one month of primary school expenses for three children. $1,000 the partial support of a transportation of a full container. $5,000 the full cost of freight for a container. $15,000 a 40-foot ocean freight container of supplies. If you do have problem to give your Donation email us at divineloveassociation (at )gmail com or call the number on out page ok Thanks

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