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The DIY club empowers adolescents who grapple with various learning,mental and physical disabilities including Prada willy syndrome, Down Syndrome,Autism,Severe dyspraxia,Executive function disorder, global delay, hearing impairment, Wheelchair dependency e.t.c. Our users challenges are compounded by poverty, their parents are limited in the extra support they can offer and often do not manage basics like `eating and heating.`100% of our users`families are dependent on means tested benefits and 40% rely on charities such food banks and crises charities. Even more so, Our users live in inner city North London boroughs, predominantly, Hackney and neighboring boroughs with pockets of deprivation identified as most deprived by multiple indices of deprivation. There are also major gaps in out of school programming and social opportunities for learning disabled adolescents. After repeated requests and consultation with users and stakeholders we have launched the DIY Independence club. It works as follows: Monday - SwimFIT - Swimming at Gooseley Lane, users will be taught in small groups categorised by ability/need and supported on an individual basis by personal volunteer the exercise encourages positive endorphins which improves mood and cardio health mastering these skills builds self efficacy and spatial awareness in addition to developing vestibular skills. Tuesday – Our Chefs - empowers disabled users who are clueless in the kitchen and are unable to even assemble a sandwich or cut vegetables.Our Chefs will ensure that they access nutritious food as they will learn to prepare basic by themselves. Users will then enjoy the hearty meal they prepared relieving financial and practical pressures. Wednesday - Cycling Success - Users will learn to ride special modified bikes which will establish greater mobility, independency as well as hone core muscles, balance motor skills. each users will work towards a personal strategy built according to their individual ability. Thursday - Drama and music - Hones expression, communication and social skills while simultaneously providing a therapeutic and fun outlet and giving users a chance to shine. Each user will celebrate their achievements at our open evening on the last sessions of each club. Families, parents, friends and volunteers will be commend users for their achievements and cheer.


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