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Ben Collis is raising £130 for The Listening Place
Due to disgraced former Police officer DJ Tom Surr irritatingly bringing the Mara-Puba-Kebabathon franchise out of the depths of Exeter and all the way up to south London unfortunately my sister and I have decided to take part in the event I swore I would "never do again". A reminder of the format. Run 13 miles, attempt to drink 13 pints, eat a kebab. All without changing outfit. All in fancy dress. All for charity. Sophie and I are working on some sort of inflateable-rubber-ring set up to make the 7 laps of Brockwell Park even less palatable than it already is. This is all for the life-changing charity The Listening Place. I know I may be biased but I know of no other charity where the money will be so well used to help support those who feel that life is no longer worth living. Any donation would be gratefully received but please consider donating £13 each in testament to the event itself. Please do come along on the day and support (both physically and mentally) us! We're incredibly grateful for your support, it really is going to a worthwhile cause.


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face-to-face support for those who feel life is no longer worth living